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[Recensione] Bang & Olufsen H5 are now -40% from the list

At the moment we take an in depth take a look at the B&O H5 in-ear headphones of solely 18 grams outfitted with a Bluetooth connection and moved by 2 6.4mm transducers

Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity supporting the aptX, aptX-LL and AAC codecs, batteries that assure a period of about 5 hours. I have tried so many headsets, from € 15 to € 250, these are the costliest ever tried and I might have expected wonderful high quality, but what didn't persuade me? Analyzed in 2017 the worth of 250 € was an enormous brake, and the software issues had made me hate them, but as we speak they are around € 160, the query modifications decisively, the app has improved, stability remains a problem, nevertheless it relies upon from your ears



  • Excellent sound, however far from what I anticipated occupied with the value
  • numerous rubber pads but even if three out of seven are Comply Sport Premium earphones with SweatGuard they have a tendency to fall out of the ears anyway !!!
  • firmware replace and interaction with the B & OPLAY app was painful with both Android and IOS. Thankfully, over time they solved it. For the most curious, I went by way of all the procedures I did to try to make it work

If I had paid them I might have made them the similar day that I acquired them and even my liver would have earned us, as an alternative I have blamed myself for making an attempt to know them with poor results !!!

👍 Pro:

  • bluetooth 4.2 (wonderful on paper by no means tried before units with BT Four.2 I don't see tangible benefits though …)
  • wonderful seen materials
  • design and technical decisions like the fascinating magazine
  • Acoustic insulation with the exterior typical of in-ear headphones
  • High sound energy (not with all units I observed that on older units Android 5.1 the audio stays a lot lower)
  • Variety of earplugs (in-ear) Three out of seven are Comply Sport Premium earphones with SweatGuard (a special sponge)

👎 Cons:

  • they have a tendency to fall out of the pavilion, having no headband or system to help them
  • all the time needs its charger to have the ability to recharge it (no normal micro-usb)
  • the software update I used to be capable of do it solely from Iphone, with Android as evidenced also by a thousand other errors but never to successful (in 2017 now the state of affairs has improved after a number of software updates)
  • B & OPLAY software inadequate and annoying, better to utterly uninstall it and keep away from a thousand issues (all the time in 2017, now things are clearly improved)
  • unimaginable to attach them to 2 units at the similar time (one thing that also makes Chinese headsets for € 15 now, huge flaw)
  • uncomfortable that by sticking collectively the magnetic headphones around the neck exit. I had different cheaper models that have been paused with this operation, and I think about it a more sensible choice

Packaging and content 9

Wonderful packaging, with an impact that goals to strike immediately for quality and design, inside we discover
the B&O H5 headphones

  • 1 cable for recharging with that futuristic magnetic fixing system to place them in charge that has the advantage of not having doorways and usb sockets in the earphones, otherwise useless
  • Four sizes of earplugs (in-ear)
  • 3 measures of Comply Sport Premium earphones with SweatGuard (a special deformable sponge to make them higher adhere to the walls of your ear
  • 3 cable stops to make them extra secure
  • 1 easy multilingual instruction booklet
  • material bag with elastic and B&O marked closure
B&O H5

Examined on:

  • PC (music)
  • Android Telephone (Nexus 6P-5X-Four for music with Spotify, Calls and B & OPLAY app)
  • Ios (Iphone 6S music with Spotify, Calls and app B & OPLAY)

    I exploit headphones in two moments, especially for sports (operating) and infrequently once I'm out and about in the office to take heed to music.
    So the needed condition for the headset to be practical is that it does not come off the ear after a number of meters of operating for these for sports use, I wouldn’t have specific wants for these I exploit in the workplace to take heed to music whereas standing nonetheless. I don't assume these are legitimate even for standing nonetheless, I’m right here sitting comfortably in the chair writing the assessment and each now and then I slowly hear them fall and fall from my ear, actually irritating !!!!

Aesthetics: 8

The B&O brand is legendary for quality, also to give attention to design, entrusting the design of its merchandise to well-known designers, these earphones have been designed by Jakob Wagner, a well known Danish designer.
On the headphone cable, on the left aspect (strange all the tested fashions all the time have it on the right) we find the remote control with three keys (Principal, Quantity + and Volume -) that carry out all the features for which the headphones are set.
The notification led is immediately on the left earpiece, white mild and blue mild and pink mild relying on the notification to be given
I look more to the substance and the earphones to begin with I feel they should be of excellent sound high quality and practicality of use, right here the design is taken care of, the materials used present that they are of quality, even the charging system entrusted to a charger futuristic magnetic is beautiful, has the advantage of not having to put a door and a usb plug in the earphones, but removed this specific ultimately turns into uncomfortable, as a result of we should all the time rely on this charger to load them and this turns into an obstacle

Wearability and Stability: 5

As I stated a bit of above, using them to run I want the earphones to be firmly in my ears and this they don’t own, so I attempted to vary the rubber ideas, among all the 4 pairs of measurements offered, but nothing to do, they all the time fall ( it happens to me with all the earphones without specific supoporti to carry them like bows or inserts inside the pavilion, so I could possibly be the drawback)
Then I attempt these phantom Comply Sport Premium earphones with SweatGuard, a sort of sponge that, when pressed, thins lots, then they slip into the ear and slowly the sponge, tending to return to the preliminary cylindrical shape. The state of affairs is a bit improved with the common measurement but not utterly resolved, typically they fall and operating for me with these headphones is unimaginable !!!! I exploit them with satisfaction simply sitting on the sofa to take heed to the sound of a superb CD once I can't increase the quantity of the front room amp an excessive amount of.
I also level out the presence of three clips that can be used to repair the thread behind the head and make them extra secure. Accent that I don’t use, the state of affairs does not change for my part.

Bluetooth connection or App B & OPlay connection?

Here began the pains of 2017 but fortuitously every thing was okay. It had already happened with the B&O BeoPlay A1 speaker, which signifies that the connection could be made in two alternative ways as a procedure:
  • Basic technique by detecting the earphones and pairing them to the smartphone by way of the latter's Bluetooth menu
  • via the B & OPLAY software obtainable in Android and Apple however what a multitude !!!!

With the basic technique nothing to complain, extended pressing of the central button of the earphones (they mild up with a quick strain but they are activated for the other mode in this means, so keep in mind the lengthy press), the paring mode is activated and we do the search from smartphone finding the Beoplay H5 earphones, we perform the pairing and completed, the quantity can be synchronized to the smartphone and can behave precisely like all the different bluetooth units I have tried.

With the software technique the disasters start !!!!!
To make it brief after countless makes an attempt, after having additionally heard about the B&O assistance and tried on Four totally different units (three Android with version 5.1 to 7 and 1 Iphone 6S) there was no method to make it work as it ought to.

I already downloaded the app on my Nexus 6P as a result of (now on Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 6T no drawback) I exploit it with the B&O BeoPlay A1 I open it, I begin looking for headphones however even if it initially sees them and notifies me of a firmware update obtainable (from 5.02 to 5.04) I can't run it, the procedure starts but then stops resulting from disconnection. After 2 hours of makes an attempt I can finish the operation but I understand that even if it says that it went nicely, the firmware just isn’t updated and as well as I discover a wierd strange randomness, that is from the first attempt onwards to make use of the app , every few seconds the earphones will disconnect and one other try and reconnect to the earphones will appear, however this by no means goes via, and eliminates the previous earphone recording from the bluetooth menu on my smartphone.
So I attempted to delete the app from the telephone, reset the earphones (press + and – together for 5 seconds till the pink LED lights up) and repeat the process again and again with 3 totally different units however the result’s all the time the similar , the firmware does not update.
Final attempt, I reset all my earphones once more and check out with an Iphone 6S and even with great problem, I replace the software by way of the app, but even after this update the problems stay.
Also on Iphone via the bluetooth menu every part is ok, by means of the app nothing to do, goes in search and doesn’t find the headphones.
I attempt again to verify on Android, but even with up to date firmware things don't change, so it's effective until the app that I proceeded to delete is opened to keep away from additional incazzature and annoying pointless paring requests.
Too dangerous because I wanted the app to make use of the B&O BeoPlay A1 as a result of it has a proprietary equalizer and a cost standing indicator that might be very helpful …

The B&O customer service replied to me about my request for clarification on the firmware update and the continuous disconnections, reporting the procedure to do (exactly right and according to what I had accomplished following the instructions discovered on-line and specified under in the description) , and alluring me to go to a licensed B&O retailer if I nonetheless have issues.
Reading on the other critiques that I’m not the only one to have had these issues, I deduce that B&O nonetheless does not contemplate it a problem, giving me this rationalization, they’ll assume that it’s an isolated case, a problem of my gadget, as an alternative I feel it’s a software drawback that current all the units…. I affirm my complete dissatisfaction with this product sadly


Bluetooth 4.2
Supports aptX, aptX-LL and AAC codecs are good premises, but let's take a better look.
The noise suppression from the outdoors is superb (be careful to use them in automobiles or bikes (the place it’s forbidden) and on bicycles) and even the volume could be very high, this stunned me because some stated that the volume was low, so I did additional checks and I noticed that with sure units corresponding to my Nexus 6P, the 5X and the iPhone 6S the quantity could be very high, with different older units, resembling the Nexus Four and an previous Sony Xperia U of 2011 the quantity was decrease and not synchronized with the telephone volume. Maybe, and I say perhaps, the audio high quality and positively the quantity modifications with the sort of system to which we connect them and the media participant we use.
The sound high quality is excellent close to the music played with Spotify on Android terminal. The sound is wealthy and vigorous, the bass has good depth and isolation from the outdoors. The quantity is perceived as extra aspect than the regular earphones as a result of the insulation with the rubber pads will increase the sound strain inside the auricle rather a lot (be careful not to injury your hearing with intensive use at very high quantity).

The audio for the phone half is sweet even if I don't often use them to make telephone calls (however this can be very helpful to answer from the headphones without touching the smartphone during a exercise).

Key Perform:

The controls manageable by the headphones work properly and are managed by the three keys (Foremost. Vol + and Vol -).
The features are highlighted under:


  • Switching on / off: Holding down the Principal button for a couple of seconds
  • answer a telephone name: press the Major button
  • end a call: press the Essential button for 2 seconds
  • voice assistant (google now, siri): maintain foremost for 2 seconds
  • put / take away the 'mute mode': press the Major button twice
  • change the audio source from the telephone to the headphones and vice versa: press the Most important button 2 occasions
  • mute / resume the call: press the Principal button for two seconds throughout the name


  • play / pause music: press the Major button
  • quantity +: press the + button to increase the volume by one degree
  • volume -: press – to decrease the quantity by one degree
  • subsequent monitor: press the + button for two seconds
  • previous monitor: press the – button for 2 seconds

Battery and Charging:

When the earphones are discharged at 10% the purple LED lights up purple and when it begins flashing we are now close to turning off because the battery can be lower than 1%
To recharge the earphones, place them on the specific help provided, they’ll connect themselves magnetically and the orange led will flash intermittently and turn into strong green after about a couple of hours once they are absolutely charged.
The promised period of 5 hours from the producer may be confirmed if at medium volume and with out firmware update attempts that eat lots of battery



The perfect headphones to deny the saying “who spends the best spend” has by no means been so fallacious this proverb on this case !!!!
If I omit the worth utterly I can say that it feels good, that typically there are a couple of problems, that typically come off the ears … if I feel they are B&O and price € 250 I might give 0 stars !!!

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