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Cell phones are one of many things through which, at present and generally, individuals fall tricked or cheated. There are unscrupulous sellers who do not ship what they offer. Others is probably not clear concerning the product they’re selling. There is no scarcity of those that have been victims before and need to save their investment at the expense of another person's cash.

Figuring out if you get what you pay for might appear to be a very difficult or technical process on this area. It is under no circumstances. There are some primary ideas that anyone can put into follow to avoid being deceived. These and others cited under will help the customer determine the originality and even legality of a cell phone, smartphone or pill, in order that it pays just (or keep away from shopping for).

How to know if a cell phone is unique or new

The IMEI must match

This is a cell phone identification code. Each gadget has a distinctive and unrepeatable IMEI all through the world. The IMEI is simply a string of 17 numbers.

The essential thing is to know that this IMEI is often indicated in three elements: the gear field, the chassis or housing, and internally recorded in the software. It have to be the identical in all three instances. If not, it signifies that one thing is flawed.

For instance, if the phone's inner IMEI doesn’t match the one outdoors of the chassis, it might mean that the system is stolen. Stolen units are often configured another IMEI, because the proprietor has the power to report and block your cellular, providing the original IMEI.

If the IMEI of the field is not the identical as the one which seems on the system, probably the gear is not unique, is used, remanufactured, and so forth. The field could seem genuine, new, show the identify of the mannequin indicated by the vendor, however inside might have been placed a completely totally different product. That is the importance of preferring gear with security seals, although unfortunately not all producers seal their merchandise.

The place do I discover the IMEI

The IMEI is printed on a sticker or sticker that is hooked up to the aspect of the field.

Already in the gear itself, the IMEI is indicated in the chassis. In some instances it is printed on a sticker, caught within the battery compartment. That is the case of phones with removable battery. In different instances the place the battery is inner, it may be recorded immediately on the chassis. That is the case of the iPhone or some Samsung Galaxy S.

Internally, the IMEI could be seen by getting into the following in a phone dialer:

* # 06 #

Instantly after getting into this code, the IMEI (or MEID) number will appear.

The serial quantity must even be the identical

This is another code that the manufacturer makes use of to determine the gear. The format varies from one manufacturer to another; it is often a string of numbers and letters.

With this code you’ve gotten to deal with your self in the same approach as with the IMEI quantity. That is, verify that it is the same within the system and in the software. At present, a number of producers don’t often put the serial quantity in the field.

Like the IMEI, the serial quantity is often printed on the again panel of the gear or within the battery compartment. Internally, some units often return the serial number along with the IMEI by typing the code * # 06 # in the phone dialer. In other instances it is often in the system settings, choice «Concerning the gadget».

Verify the facility of the gear

How to know if a Samsung is unique (or some other cell)

In case you are buying X cell phone model, find out your energy or performance rating on-line (reference value). Once you know it, check the cell phone's efficiency and verify that the difference between the 2 values ​​is not exaggerated.

For example, if you are going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, look on the web for the following «antutu benchmark samsung galaxy s7 edge». Next, install Antutu Benchmark on the computer and run the performance check obtainable within the software.

Don’t worry if the values ​​aren’t equal. This could happen because the identical cell model can include several types of CPU or GPU, which may make them carry out in another way (though not extremely totally different). What you need to see is that the difference between both values ​​is not outlandish. If the gear you’re shopping for has a value that is brutally inferior to the reference on the web, it is in all probability not unique. What you need to have in your arms is a cellular phone with a chip and inner elements of low quality and capacity, and that is the rationale for its very low rating.

As you possibly can see in the picture above, my unique S7 Edge scored 137,872, in contrast to 158,313 for the internet. It's a disparity that is around 15%. That is, it is unique. In case you had obtained, for instance, a score of 30,000, it is too low with respect to the reference. Subsequently certainly what it will have can be a duplicate of S7 Edge.

Info on inner elements

The previous check analyzes the facility of the interior elements. But there are additionally purposes that specify the interior elements that the gadget has. Nevertheless, it is not protected to rely on this knowledge. Within the case of Android, that info of the interior elements is extracted from a system file. That file could be manipulated by the producers of the Chinese language clones. Anyway, it is not an excessive amount of to take a look and examine that info with the specs of the original gear, to see if there is any suspicious inconsistency.

Find out the status of the assure


Some manufacturers permit you to examine the status of a pc's guarantee online. Apple, for example, makes it very straightforward. On this net web page you enter the serial variety of the Apple cellular and return the knowledge. Obviously, if the gear doesn’t have full warranty time or does not have it at all, it won’t be dependable.


HTC also provides one thing about it. By means of its online chat system (English), the consumer can seek the advice of some knowledge of a group, offering their IMEI or serial number. For example, you’ll be able to examine the guarantee interval that is still, the date of activation of the gear (date from which the guarantee begins to run), by which operator was activated, mannequin and colour of the system. A new phone shouldn’t show an activation date and will have a one-year guarantee period.

By contacting an HTC consultant, I used to be in a position to point out that the corporate does not remanufacture gear, however can use the elements of defective units. He also informed me that HTC does not place (or “put”) available on the market any remanufactured or refurbished gear, not even by means of a third celebration.


For its half, Samsung provides info via the help line 1-800-726-7864 (English and Spanish). Via this manner you possibly can only discover out the date of manufacture of a group, offering the serial number. Nothing extra pitifully. However will probably be a good signal if a date is confirmed (hopefully current). The other factor that may be executed is to affirm that this date matches that of the phone (in session with the Phone Information software indicated under).

Know the cell phone beforehand

Usually, on the Internet is all the knowledge that is needed to know if a cell phone is unique or not. A superb resource to visit is YouTube. There you’ll find videos that examine the pretend and unique versions of cell telephones, aspect by aspect. An unique cell phone is all the time totally different from a counterfeit in several points (box, equipment, design, appearance, software, and so forth.). The unique key phrases vs. clone / copy / counterfeit / Chinese / Korean usually help to discover this content.

Specific signs

The aforementioned applies to all cell telephones basically, of any brand, model or operating system.

Now, each model or model of cell phone can have its particular methods, tips, superior or hidden menus, and distinctive assets to verify its legitimacy. For example, there are some USSD codes that can be entered into the dialer to verify the special menus of sure manufacturers. In Samsung there are codes like * # 0 * #, or * # 1234 #. Additionally begin modes like the restoration, which have a specific appearance in each model, which is often totally different from the restoration of a Chinese language cell or duplicate.

Again with Samsung, there you possibly can know how a lot time a cellular phone has been using because the final time it was turned on. You want to verify in Settings> About gadget> Standing> Connection time. It cannot be guaranteed that the phone is completely new as a result of this counter restarts when the phone is turned off, but if you’ll be able to ensure that if it has a number of hours, it has been used a minimum of throughout that time.

How to know if a cell phone is NEW or REFURBISHED

It is essential to know that out there there are new unique cell telephones and in addition unique mobile remanufactured, refurbished or refurbished. The three phrases mean the same factor. The gear refurbished are people who, after going out to the market as new, have returned to the manufacturing unit due to some defect, which is corrected, and again they’re put on sale.

Clearly, a refurbished gear is not new. For that cause it is cheaper. The problem is that some sellers can go too sensible and need to promote a remanufactured gadget as new.

Reconditioned gear has some element that differentiates it from the new ones. The field, for example, might have a design totally different from that of a new gear. The stamps and stickers might have some info that states that it is refurbished. Sadly, there is not a lot info on this topic.

For Samsung cell phones there is an software referred to as PhoneInfo (downloadable from the Google Play store) that permits you to discover out if a pc is remanufactured or not. I couldn’t guarantee its reliability and I could not say the way it detects this. Whatever it returns as a outcome, this might be taken as an indicator that have to be confirmed.

Bonus: How to see if it is stolen

In addition to checking the IMEI, there may be another means to decide if it is a stolen cell phone. For instance, in Ecuador individuals can find out if a gadget is reported as stolen. You only have to enter the IMEI of the cellular in the web page tucelularlegal.information and this info shall be returned. There even signifies if the gear is accredited in the nation.